Charming Siamese Cat Hues From Most Common to Rarest

Siamese cats are a breed renowned for their elegance, affectionate nature, and striking appearance. One of their most captivating features is their variety of hues. This article explores ten charming Siamese cat colors, ranging from the most common to the rarest.

Seal Point

Seal Point Siamese cats are the most iconic and common. They have dark brown, almost black points on their ears, face, paws, and tail, set against a cream or fawn body. This classic color combination is what most people envision when they think of Siamese cats.

Blue Point

Blue Point Siamese cats have slate grey points and a bluish-white body. This elegant and soft hue is highly popular, with the gentle contrast creating a sophisticated look. Blue Points are known for their striking, icy blue eyes.

Chocolate Point

Chocolate Point Siamese cats feature milk chocolate-colored points on an ivory or cream body. This warm and inviting hue is lighter than Seal Point and is cherished for its unique and charming appearance.

Lilac Point

Lilac Point Siamese cats have pinkish-grey points and a glacial white body. This delicate and refined color is the lightest of the Siamese hues. The subtle, pastel tones of Lilac Points make them particularly appealing to those who appreciate understated beauty.

Red Point

Red Point, or Flame Point, Siamese cats display vibrant red or orange points on a creamy white body. This striking and rare color is eye-catching and bold, making Red Point Siamese stand out with their fiery appearance.

Cream Point

Cream Point Siamese cats have pale cream-colored points on a white body. This gentle and rare hue offers a soft contrast, giving Cream Points a dreamy and ethereal look. They are less common but highly sought after for their delicate beauty.

Lynx Point

Lynx Point Siamese cats exhibit tabby-like stripes on their points, adding a unique twist to the traditional Siamese appearance. These stripes can come in various colors, making Lynx Points distinctive and playful. They are relatively uncommon and highly prized.

Tortie Point

Tortie Point Siamese cats are among the rarest. They have a mix of colors in their points, often combining shades of red, cream, and seal. This mosaic-like pattern creates a stunning and intricate look, making Tortie Points highly unique and sought after.

Fawn Point

Fawn Point Siamese cats are a variation of the Chocolate Point but with lighter, more diluted tones. Their points are a soft beige or fawn color, set against a creamy white body. This subtle and rare hue is prized for its gentle and soothing appearance.

Cinnamon Point

Cinnamon Point Siamese cats have warm, reddish-brown points and a light, ivory body. This rare and beautiful color resembles the rich tones of cinnamon, offering a unique and inviting look that distinguishes Cinnamon Points from other Siamese hues.


The wide range of hues in Siamese cats adds to their charm and appeal. From the common Seal Point to the rare Cinnamon Point, each color brings its own unique beauty and personality to the breed. Whether you prefer the classic look of a Seal Point or the distinctive appearance of a Tortie Point, there is a Siamese cat hue to captivate every cat lover.

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