Aussie Shepherd Standard and Non Standard Colors

Standard Colors

 Aussie Shepherds have four standard colors: blue merle, red merle, black, and red.

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Blue Merle

Blue merle is a beautiful mix of black and grey with marbled patterns. Often has blue or brown eyes.

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Red Merle

Red merle features red and beige tones with marbled patterns. Eyes can be amber or blue.

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Black Aussies are solid black or black with white and tan markings. They often have brown eyes.

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 Red Aussies are solid red or red with white and tan markings. Eyes are typically amber.

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Non-Standard Colors

Non-standard colors include patterns and shades not officially recognized but still beautiful.

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Sable Aussies have a mix of red, black, and brown hairs, giving a rich, earthy look.

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Rare yellow Aussies have a golden coat, similar to a Labrador Retriever. Very unique!

Image : unsplash

Discover the stunning colors of Australian Shepherds, from standard to non-standard. Learn about these unique and beautiful coats.

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